William Nicholas

Male, b. 7 September 1828
     William Nicholas was born on 7 September 18281 and was christened at Great Burstead, Essex.2

Myra Rachel Mead gave birth to a son on on 3 February 1849 at 1 Whitehouse Court, Goodmans Fields, Whitechapel, London (Middlesex). She was unmarried but most probably the father was William Nicholas.3

On 12 May 1850 William joined the Metropolitan Police and allocated warrant no. 29451. He was recommended by Mr James Jefferies and Mr Charles Davies, both of Great Burstead. He resigned on 12 November 1851 and joined the Essex Police on 10 December 1851 as Constable 91. He was described as being five feet ten inches tall.2

William married Susan Cowling at Great Burstead, Essex, on 11 September 1854. On 9 October 1856 he was posted to Ramsey, Essex, , then in 1861 he was the Census Enumerator at Manningtree, Essex. Susan died aged 37 and was buried on 28 August 1867 at Ramsey, Essex. In their thirteen year marriage they had produced six children of whom four were still living.2

On 23 December 1867 at Tendring, Essex, William married Susanna Deex. She was from a Ramsey family. By Susanna, William had a further seven children. He was posted to Peldon, Essex, in 1882 and he served on with the Essex Police until he retired on 7 September 1888.2

Child of William Nicholas and Myra Rachel Mead


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    The Essex Record Office's partial record of William's police service shows that he served through to superannuation on 7 September 1888 which was probably his 60th birthday.
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    When Myra's son was christened at Whitechapel on 25 February 1849 the father's name was recorded as John Charles but with no surname. When the birth was registered in March the child's father's name was given as William Mead. That could simply have been a convenient name as it was that of Myra's deceased father but the birth certificate also shows Myra as 'formerly Nicholas' which was not true. A family rumour persisted into the 20th century that John Charles Mead's parents were cousins. Myra did have a sort of family relationship to William Nicholas in that his stepmother Mary Clement was descended from Thomas Mead, as was Myra herself. John Charles Mead's children maintained contact with the subsequent legitimate children of William Nicholas although they never explained to their offspring exactly what the relationship was. In fact it would seem that they were cousins. [COR7/36-37]